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A strike by postal workers (or a lockout by Canada Post) would bring all kinds of inconvenience to various individuals and organizations that depend on reliable mail service. One of these is your local newspaper and its advertisers, which are entirely at the mercy of ye old post office.

Believe it or not, our cheques do come in the mail. Finding some other way would certainly be possible; finding another way to get 3,000-odd copies of The Leader to all of our subscribers would be a much bigger headache.

Newspapers have always worked because of the (somewhat awkward, admittedly) combination of the desire of readers for news and the desire of business and government to get their ads into the homes and onto the breakfast tables of citizens. It has been the most reliable method of doing that, bar none, for 150 years. Or in the context of Slave Lake, for going on 50 years.

Times change, advertising migrates elsewhere, people get distracted by digital bells and whistles – but nobody has yet dreamed anything up that can kill the community newspaper. But the model depends heavily – as noted – on the postal service. That’s why we’re hoping the parties can come to their senses and settle the current dispute before postal service gets disrupted. That won’t do anybody any good.

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