Young man exposed himself across Smith ….

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
October 17, 2018
Judge M. B. Golden presiding

After a week off for Thanksgiving, the Slave Lake Provincial Court was back in session, and ended up dealing primarily in cases that needed to be postponed for various reasons as well as a fair number in which those accused didn’t attend court and ended with warrants issued for their arrests. As a result, as often happens, the docket turned out light in cases that were actually resolved.

Mark David Gladue pled guilty to assault with a weapon which happened during an incident involving security at a local mall. After telling Gladue numerous times to stop panhandling in and around the mall where she was working, the security officer observed Gladue leaning into a car parked beside the mall and went to ask him to move on. When contacted, Gladue turned and struck the security officer in the throat with a water bottle. No injury resulted, but police were summoned to remove Gladue at that point.

Speaking for Mr. Gladue, duty counsel presented that while Gladue is well known in court here in Slave Lake, it is always related to his problems with alcohol. He has now enrolled in a treatment program, and seems to be taking steps to deal with his addiction.

The Crown prosecutor and duty counsel issued a joint submission to ask for six months probation with the usual requirements of good behavior, etc, and no contact with the security officer in question, all contingent on Gladue’s attendance and completion of the alcohol treatment program. Judge Golden agreed and gave Gladue the probation with the hope that he could successfully get a handle on his alcohol problems.
* * * * *
The young Boyle man who recently exposed himself in various convenience stores in the area, including Pumps on Main in Smith pled guilty to committing indecent acts in public. Getting a relative slap on the …wrist, he was given a short period of probation in which he was to be of good behaviour, avoid the stores in which he has committed his offenses and seek and follow counselling as ordered by his probation officer. On completion of this probation he will be given an unconditional discharge for his misdeeds. Hopefully we won’t be seeing any more of him.
* * * * *
There were also cases on the docket in which alternative measures programs were successfully completed. Alternative measures are often ordered in the case of minor offenses where more severe punishment is not really merited. It is hoped that those who have benefited from these measures given on their behalf will likewise behave themselves and avoid more appearances in court.

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