World Cup? Which one?

There’s a bit of talk around the area these days about the Women’s World Cup of Soccer, which is going on in France. Canada is a contender and as of this writing at won its first two games, pretty much guaranteeing a spot in the next round. Superstar Christine Sinclair is poised to become the all-time leading scorer in women’s international soccer.

But while all that is going on….. a smaller but probably much more fanatical audience in these parts is watching the World Cup of Cricket, happening right now in England and Wales. We know this because Srini Jayaraman, the affable manager of the Sawridge Travel Centre, told us a TV audience of over one billion was expected for the India vs. Pakistan match in the big tournament.

Wow. Well, good luck to all and may the best team win. And if you happen to run into an Indian or Pakistani or Brit, West Indian or Aussie looking more than usually bleary-eyed – it’s probably because they were up at three in the morning watching their favourite cricket team at the World Cup.

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