Wintry weather: the usual cautions apply

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

An early-morning rollover on Hwy. 2 in Slave Lake on Sept. 13 serves as a reminder that road conditions can be quite tricky at this time of year According to Slave Lake RCMP, the Sawridge Creek bridge had a film of ice on it and the driver lost control.

Motorists should drive to the conditions as winter weather arrives in parts of the province including Slave Lake.

Public weather alerts for this week have forecast dropping temperatures and between five and 15 centimetres of snow in regions across Alberta including Slave Lake.

Drivers are advised to prepare for winter conditions and adjust driving habits accordingly.

Anna Neale with Communications, Transportation has a few suggestions for citizens. She says know before you go – check 511 Alberta for the latest real time road conditions.

Posted speed limits are the maximum intended for ideal summer driving conditions. Drivers are reminded to slow down and drive for changing conditions.

Rain can make roads slick, and snow can accumulate quickly and reduce visibility. Adjust your speed accordingly.

Clear all snow and ice from the windshield and windows before driving, and turn on headlights to activate tail lights and increase visibility.

Remember to maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle.

Give snowplows room to work – stay back at least 10 metres to prevent collisions.

Consider postponing non-essential travel.

For up-to-date road information and traffic delays
Call: 511 toll-free, visit: or follow 551 Alberta @511Alberta on Facebook and Twitter.

Heavy, wet snow bent trees over, almost obscuring this Poplar Lane driveway.

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