What has happened to the Robar murder case?

The murder of Nicole Robar, as shocking as it was, seems to have sort of faded into the background. Not for those who knew her, of course. But as these things go, months pass with nothing much happening. Years, even.

However, people have been charged, and the wheels of justice are grinding slowly towards some sort of resolution. Whether it will be satisfactory or not is another question.

Robar, 21, of Spruce Grove, was reported missing in early August of last year. On Aug. 5, a boater on the Lesser Slave River discovered a body floating. It turned out to be the missing woman.

Here’s what we know: Three people have been charged in the murder – two men and one woman. A 34-year-old Slave Lake man and a 27-year-old Spruce Grove woman were charged with second-degree murder in the case, along with ‘indignity to human remains.’ This, presumably had to do with dumping the body in the river.

In November of last year, police named a third suspect. The 27-year-old Slave Lake man faces charges of kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault causing bodily harm and extortion.

The Leader, according to our custom, is not naming the suspects and will not until they are convicted. The names are out there, however, and if guilty, they deserve every bit of shame that comes as a result of it. Meanwhile, the suffering continues for the loved ones of a young woman who did not deserve to be killed and dumped in a river.

Slave Lake RCMP tells The Leader the preliminary hearing for one of the accused is scheduled for three days next month – Oct. 15 – 17. For another, it is supposed to happen Oct. 31. The female member of the trio had her prelim already, and presumably had a trial date set. It will be held in Peace River.

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