We’ll be tested

No doom and gloom alarmism here, thank you very much. There’s enough of that going on in the world. On the other hand, what happens in the world reaches even into little old Slave Lake. For example, with much of the world burning up in the past few weeks (literally via fire or figuratively through killing heat), it was quite reasonable to wonder how long it would be before somebody comes knocking on Canada’s door and says: ‘We need some of that water you are hoarding. Because the glaciers are all gone and our rivers are dry for eight months of the year.’

Or: ‘You have a good economy and lots of space. Stand aside, because we are desperate for a better place to live.’

These things are already happening. It is reasonable to expect, given the trends, that they will continue and increase. How we respond will test our resolve, our resources and our humanity.

On brighter note, the future of the air conditioning business looks very healthy.

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