Weird, weird, weird

Okay, the big topic of discussion around Slave Lake a week or so ago was how it got dark at four in the afternoon. Weird, weird, weird. Nobody had seen anything like it. Heavy smoke, sure. Dark clouds – plenty of times. But nothing in anyone’s experience – except maybe a total eclipse of the sun – came close to that.

The best anyone was able to come up with – that we’ve heard – is that it had something to do with the combination of heavy smoke and a passing cold front. But why should a cold front make it go dark? Does somebody want to take a crack at that?

You may be wondering why we took a week to comment on this. We did consider taking a photo of the darkness and putting it on the front page. But within minutes of the event happening, social media was flooded with pictures of it, so what would have been the point?

Still, it was very interesting and something people will remember for years to come. Like something out of a science fiction story. Prelude to an invasion by aliens from outer space, or something along those lines.

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