‘We really lucked out’ – weather a boon in ag sector

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Last week’s perfect weather for drying crops and getting them off was just what the doctor ordered for farmers in the area. The Leader called M.D. of Lesser Slave River Agricultural Fieldman Barry Kolenosky in the middle of it and asked how things were looking.

“We really lucked out,” he said. “A lot of long hours are being put in.”

At that point, producers were looking at the forecast, which showed rain a good possibility on Friday and Saturday, and trying to get as much done as they could before that.

“I think the majority will be off by the weekend,” Kolenosky said.

However, the news isn’t all rosy. A lot of the canola never got a chance to properly mature, Kolenosky said, due to poor conditions in late summer and early fall.

“It probably will be off-grade,” he said.

But overall, things were looking a lot better in the third week of October than they were earlier in the month.

In other M.D. ag news, planning is in full swing for the annual fall social at the Flatbush hall. It’s a Hawaiian theme this year and is being held on Saturday, Nov. 3. Tickets are available at the M.D. offices in Slave Lake and Flatbush.

Another date to keep in mind, for livestock producers, is Nov. 14. That’s the day a veterinarian from Westlock will be explaining upcoming changes to the rules regarding antibiotics. The session in Flatbush will be at 9:00 a.m. and in Smith at 1:30 p.m. Kolenosky said in an effort to curb over-use of antibiotics, the government is making it a requirement to have them prescribed by a vet.

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