Wasteful and unnecessary

Use it and chuck it out. That’s the ‘disposable culture’ as it’s come to be known. It’s also become pretty well acknowledged in recent years that it’s stupid, wasteful and unnecessary. It’s just a habit we’ve gotten into because we’d rather not have to wash dishes (or whatever).

This came up because a woman in extended care doesn’t like the single-use plates and cutlery she is forced to use there. And why is ‘throwaway’ the first choice of such institutions?

For that matter, why are companies such as McDonalds and Tim Hortons forcing customers to take paper cups? Why aren’t china cups the default choice – at least for sit-down customers? At the drive-through window, why don’t they ask first if there’s a cup they can fill?

Because it’s inconvenient. And the ditches continue to fill with garbage.

It reminds us of the unthinking way we at The Leader used to just toss all of our unsold newspapers in the garbage. That’s just the way things were done. Until somebody noticed it and called us on it.

‘Shouldn’t you be recycling those?’ she asked.

Well…now that you mention it. And we’ve been recycling them ever since. Simple thing, but somebody had to speak up about it. Somebody is now doing this at the hospital. More people should be doing it.

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