Update on hiring for Fort McMurray West powerline project

Leader staff

A few weeks ago The Leader inquired about ‘local hiring’ practices, or intentions, of the Fort McMurray West high-voltage power line construction project. We received a brief reply at that time from an ATCO rep.
Last week somebody from general contractor Valard also responded, in more detail. Below is the information:
‘The scope of the Fort McMurray West 500kV AC Project with Valard Construction LP includes the construction of one transmission line totaling 508 km and two new 500kV substations. The Prime Contractor for this project is Valard Construction LP. The route was approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission on February 10, 2017.
‘Please see the options for obtaining information below and contact the specific email address shown.
‘Looking for work – individuals: Please go to http://www.valard.com/careers/ and follow the instructions submitting your resume. Please specifically mention “WFMAC” or “Fort McMurray West 500kV”. For current job postings, please apply through the Valard website through the “browse jobs” area.
‘Looking for work – companies or organizations, please contact: wfmac-opp@valard.com. Please provide your company name, details on the business opportunity (material/service), as well as the name, title, phone and email address of your main contact.
‘General Inquiries (Media), please contact: mediaoncall@atco.com. The Alberta PowerLine Corporate Communications Team will respond to your inquiry. This email account is monitored from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Mon to Fri, except on Stat Holidays.
‘General Inquires (Landowners), please contact: contactus@albertapowerline.com. Representatives from Alberta PowerLine will respond to your inquiry. ? See: www.albertapowerline.com
‘General Inquiries (Construction/Site), please contact: WFMAC-info@valard.com. Please see the overall website for route/project information: www.albertapowerline.com ? The Valard Construction LP project management team will respond to your inquiry.’

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