Upcoming professional development opportunity at the Legacy Centre

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Coming up in November, nine world renowned speakers are coming to Slave Lake via the marvel of modern technology.

LeaderCast Women ‘Take Courage’ is a conference which happened in Atlanta, Georgia in October. This has been recorded and is coming to Slave Lake on November 7 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Legacy Centre.

All the speakers are women, but the conference is open to both men and women, says Robin Lee Vance, from Community Futures.

Community Futures and Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce brought LeaderCast to Slave Lake, because it brings quality professional development available close to home, says Vance.

In the past, companies and individuals had to go to Edmonton or further afield for this type of training, says Vance. Technology enables the conference to be available around the world and in smaller centres, like Slave Lake.

Community Futures exists to help small businesses at various stages of development. It also has a specific interest in women in business. This is why it chose to bring LeaderCast women to Slave Lake.

This is the second LeaderCast conference offered this year in Slave Lake. The other was put on by the Legacy Corporation.

Admission includes lunch made by the Fix.

Local vendors also have the opportunity to book a booth for a women in business trade fair in the atrium. There is no extra cost, just the price of admission. Tickets must be bought in advance no later than November 5. They are $80 or $500 for a table of eight. Tickets are available on eventbrite.ca or by calling Community Futures at 780-849-3232.

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