Tryouts this week for Icedogs’ cheer team

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Junior ‘A’ hockey is coming to Slave Lake, as we know. With it comes a ‘cheer team,’ and not your standard crew of young, curvy female cheerleaders.

“Tryouts are open to anyone of all skills levels 8-70 years old who embody a cheerful and energetic personality,” says Lauren Barr of the Slave Lake Icedogs. “No experience is necessary. Dance background is an asset!”

There you go. Tryouts are this Saturday, May 11 at the multi-rec centre in Slave Lake, starting at 2:00 p.m. and going until three.

“Please arrive in a workout or dance outfit and running shoes,” says Barr. “Cheer Team selection will take place at the end of the tryout.”

For an example of a non-traditional cheer team, check out the ‘Banana Nanas,’ who lead cheering for the minor league Savannah Bananas in Savannah Georgia.

“We are looking to create an environment of family fun so every of any age can contribute and all different skills are needed!”

Barr can be reached by phone at 587-936-7827 or by email at

Lauren Barr

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