Trudeau Liberals shut down debate on Trans Mountain

To the Editor:

My colleagues and I requested an emergency committee meeting to ask the Liberal Government for their plan on how they will build the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

A recent ruling from the Federal Court of Appeal overturned the federal government’s approval of the expansion.

Prime Minister Trudeau promised Canadians that this pipeline expansion would be built. His Finance Minister, on the day he announced he was spending $4.5 billion of taxpayers’ money to purchase it, promised construction would start the next day.

In an emergency meeting of a House of Commons committee Friday, Canada’s Conservatives advocated for First Nations and non-First Nations communities across Alberta and British Columbia who are waiting for the significant results from the benefit agreements they signed for this project. Hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits, job training, employment, and business opportunities were painstakingly negotiated.

All of this work will be for nothing if Trudeau doesn’t get the job done. It’s no wonder the Liberal members of the committee didn’t want anyone asking questions.

In the meantime, reports from the National Energy Board show that over 200,000 barrels of crude oil are shipped by rail every day, placing great strain on our rail system and bottlenecking our agricultural and other resource shipments.

We’ve been waiting for the Prime Minister’s plan since January. At this point, with the Trans Mountain expansion going nowhere, it’s obvious there is no plan. Canada’s Conservatives call on our Prime Minister to immediately announce a concrete plan to see this pipeline expansion completed.

Arnold Viersen
MP for Peace River-Westlock

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