Town to remove playground equipment at two parks


The Town of Slave Lake will begin removing playground equipment at Maple Crescent Park (8th St. SE) and Spruce Park (5th St. and 14th Ave., SE) located in the southeast part of town later this year.

In 2016 the Town of Slave Lake hired a third party to look at all playgrounds in the Town, to ensure they meet current playground standards.

From their report, the playgrounds at Maple Crescent Park and Spruce Park were identified as two playgrounds that did not meet current playground standards.

For the safety of children using the playgrounds, council and town administration met in late 2017 to plan a path forward for the two parks.

“After much discussion, Council has decided to move forward on dismantling the two playgrounds at Maple Crescent Park and Spruce Park,” Slave Lake Mayor Tyler Warman stated.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, the playgrounds will be removed from each park, and the parks will be turned into green zones.

Mayor Warman added, “The Town of Slave Lake has numerous quadrant parks and we have been working with our parks department to improve these for all families to use. To update these parks with new equipment would be tens of thousands of dollars. During our budget discussion over recent years, we have maintained a focus of improving our larger quadrant parks that benefit more residents on a whole.”

Some of these improvements over the last two years include new surfacing installed at the South West Park, Hilda Eben Park, and Schurter Park. The installation the new inclusive play swing set at Schurter Park, and improving the aesthetics of Poplar Grove Park in the northwest part of town.

“We encourage families to use one of the four quadrant playgrounds, or one of the other neighbourhood playgrounds within the Town of Slave Lake,” Warman explained.

“These parks have been home to many memories for families and children in the Town, including my own and all the families of council. We as a council believe the best path forward for the safety of today’s families and children in Slave Lake is to remove the playground equipment,” Warman added. “When these parks were built many years ago, we didn’t have the luxury of the quadrant parks we have now.”

To replace the outdated playgrounds at the two parks would cost over $60,000 on just the playground equipment. An additional $20,000 to $30,000 would be required to fix the surfacing at both playgrounds.

To replace the outdated playgrounds at the two parks, as well as replace the playground surfacing would cost approximately $200,000
The intention is to simply remove the outdated playground equipment that does not meet safety regulations and replace the space with grass.

For more information about this change, the town encourages residents to contact its Manager of Parks at 780-849-8021. An opportunity to provide feedback on this change is via the Town of Slave Lake website.

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