Town of Slave Lake Council Notebook

Oct. 1, 2019

CAO update

Municipal auditors from Smokey Lake and High River are doing an external audit of the Town of Slave Lake.

Alex Pavcek has been hired as the new fire chief. The town is accepting applications for a new deputy fire chief. All fire halls had a STARS information and landing zone training session.

The regional water line project’s 30 day test is on hold due to leaks in the old intake line. The town has decided to be the general contractor and hire out portions of the work to fix this.

The pool reopened on schedule on September 30. October swimming lessons have started.

Reports are that the drive-in movie, put on by Parent Link, was fun. The town through the Legacy Wildlife Corporation put on the Banff Centre Film Festival on Sept. 28. West Fraser was a large sponsor.

The films were very good, CAO Brian Vance said.

Selection is underway for the FCSS coordinator. The homeless coalition is meeting again.

Parks and facilities are working with Fish and Wildlife to clear bush and trees along the Allarie Trail. Fish and Wildlife provided the workers and the town paid for lunch. The trails are open.

The work on Maple Crescent Park has been completed by volunteers.

The first PD day camp of the year was almost cancelled because only three kids were signed up ahead of time. It went a head and 15 kids came. The next one is Oct. 11.

The plows are all ready for winter. Patches in the road have been started.

Councillor Darin Busk asked if Vance was confident they’d be finished by the time the snow flies. There’s no guarantees, but the trick is to wait until the end of the season, so they can fix all of the disturbances to the pavement.

Tax recovery auction

Council set the reserve bid amounts for the November 12 tax recovery auction. There are seven properties listed.

Hilltop Reservoir pipe replacement

The Hilltop Reservoir was constructed in 1970 to act as a gravity feed for the Town of Slave Lake. During business hours, the reservoir is filled with water from the Water Treatment Plant (WTP). In the evening, the WTP is shut down and the water stored in the reservoir supplies the town’s needs.

In 2018, a engineering assessment found that the site was in poor condition. A detailed engineering design was sent out of for bids this August. The closing date was September 13. The budget for the project is $1,680,000 for engineering and construction in 2019. However, there are a lot of expenses and work this year including: the raw waterline, WTP input piping issues and the sewage lagoon upgrade. Operations asked to move the construction to spring 2020.

To repair the reservoir it will need to be shut down for two months. With this in mind, extra pumps have been added to the WTP and testing will be done to ensure proper operation before construction starts.

The town received three valid bids. The recommendation was to accept the second lowest of $1,212,500. With other costs this will make the total $1,572,500. The lowest bidder was $227,500 lower. The reason given was that the lowest bidder has been given projects in the past and done subpar work, been behind schedule, and had unsubstantiated extra costs at the end.

Council voted to go the second lowest bidder.

Mayor’s Corner

The Allarie Trail grand opening is October 3, at 3 p.m.

The Allarie family is quite excited, said mayor Tyler Warman.

The council met with other councils and ministers at the AUMA. One of the things mentioned to ministers was the positive impact of the $25-a-day-daycare in Slave Lake. The hope is that something similar will be done by this new Government of Alberta.

“The ministers were willing to meet, open to listening, and knew their ministries,” mayor Warman said.

Mayor Warman has a video conference set with MLA Pat Rehn to tell him how the talks with the ministers went.

There is a tourism meeting coming up. There isn’t a lot of interest in the meeting, but there is funds in the bank which can be used for tourism. Hopefully, people will come out.

Town council is previewing an episode of “Hellfire Heroes”.

Grand opening of Allarie Trail. L to r: mayor Tyler Warman and the Allarie family Erin, Nate, Bonny (back), Pauline, cutting the ribbon, Bruce (back), and Miles. Photo courtesy of Chris Brown from the Town of Slave Lake.

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