Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

May 16 2017 meeting

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Issues with sump discharge beign addressed
Town council heard that action is being taken in cases where residents are draining their sumps over town sidewalks. Apparently this is not the approved method.
“Enforcement is underway,” said the CAO’s report for council. What it didn’t say was what people are expected to do with the water produced by their sump pumps. However, acting CAO Laurie Skrynyk provided some clarification in a subsequent email to The Leader. She said there have been many complaints about wet, or slimy, or icy sidewalks, due to the practice of some residents directing all the water from their sumps across the sidewalks into the gutter. The expectation of the town, she said, is that a reasonable attempt will be made to allow the yard to absorb the discharge. It appears, she said, that in some cases there is more water than a yard can absorb. But the effort should at least be made.

Fringe benefits of TV series filming
Sharone Ostrovsky of Hillside Media briefed council on her company’s project of filming local firefighters in action for a TV series. She also presented the first of five videos Hillside is producing for tourism promotion purposes – a sort of fringe benefit agreed upon in the negotiations through which Hillside was granted permission to ride along with the fire service for a couple of months.
Ostrovsky explained that lots of ‘filler’ type of footage was being gathered by her crews as a matter of course, so it would be easy enough to compile some of it into short pieces showcasing the community and region. She had an example – mostly nature shots from around the area. She asked council what they’d like to see in subsequent videos.
More people, was one thing. Pictures of the downtown area. Events, activities, amenities, facilities.
Pizza places and breweries, suggested councillor Darin Busk.
No problem, said Ostrovsky. We’ll get right on it.

Sidewalk work
The town is developing a plan for sidewalk improvements this year. It is seeking ‘expressions of interest’ from local contractors. The places identified for repair have not been identified.

Software and hardware
Upon hearing about improvements to software used in the town’s accounting processes, as well as hardware upgrades and ‘back-up infrastructure,’ Councillor Phil Lokken asked if the town had been affected by the recent worldwide computer ‘hacks.’
“No,” said finance director Roland Schmidt. “Not yet. The IT people are working on it, doing due diligence.”

‘Heated debate’
Standing in for mayor Warman on physician tour duty was councillor Lokken. He reported that he’d shown a couple of visiting doctors around the community. One is from Edmonton and is looking for a community in northern Alberta in which to practice. It’s apparently down to Slave Lake vs. St. Paul. The other visitor is doing a six-month ‘locum,’ in the community. Lokken said the pair was “favourably impressed.”
Warman, picking up the stick, said a recent waste management commission meeting was “very interesting, when it came to a discussion on the requisition split between the town and the M.D.
“Quite the heated debate,” he said, not offering further details.
However, Warman said “in the end we came up with something beneficial to both parties.”

The update for council included the following items:
Work on the MRC dehumidifiers and air conditioning has been awarded and should start next month.
Sewage lift station E has been further delayed. Completion now expected in mid-June.
On the MRC refrigeration project, fireproofing of the compressor room is complete and new equipment is expected to arrive this month for installation in June.

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