Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

Nov. 20, 2018 meeting

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Phoenix Hts. recommended for fairgrounds location

Garry Roth, Director of Community Services for the town, said currently the Chamber of Commerce organizes and runs the carnival and midway for Riverboat Daze. He said they have been using an area located at 901 15 Ave. S.W. That site is undeveloped and requires a significant amount of preparation each year.

Roth said, in addition, the Chambers midway provider does reduce the fee paid to the Chamber. In fact, the midway provider would actually prefer a concrete surface.

Most rides and booths are designed to be self-supporting and do not require anchors.

On August 14 the Chamber brought a report to council outlining development options for Sunset Place.

Roth mentioned after discussions on that property council received a report and then asked community services to look at other ideas and possible event options and bring them back to council.

Roth said on November 5 administration met with representatives from the chamber to chat about options for future fairgrounds. He said Administration carried out an analysis on available land options and suggested the use of the former Phoenix Heights as the land for the designated fairgrounds.

At the November 20, council meeting Roth spoke of some pros and cons of Phoenix Heights. Some of the pros being that the site is located adjacent to Highway 88, giving lesser noise impact on residents. It is a larger site, making it large enough to support the midway. The site has a large entrance which could ease traffic control. The base of the site appears to be well built and the site has the potential to expand in the future. The site had minimal cons.

After some discussion, a motion was passed by members of council to designate Phoenix Heights site as the future fairgrounds and direct administration to initiate discussions with the Government of Alberta on a lease for the property.

Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Laurie Skrynyk, Director of Planning and Development, gave a report to council asking members to consider entering into an agreement with the surrounding municipalities to establish an Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (ISDAB).

Skrynyk said Pat Olansky, Development Officer for Big Lakes County, is acting as the liaison between Slave Lake, the Town of High Prairie and the Town of Swan Hills.

She explained that they have had several conversations with Olansky on the matter.

She said the Planning Department feels that entering into an Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board may be suitable for the Town of Slave Lake.

A motion was requested and carried that that council directs the administration to enter into an agreement with Big Lakes County, the Town of High Prairie and the Town of Swan Hills to form and Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and such agreements should include the board’s policies and procedures, rules and conduct a required bylaw.

Tax Recovery Auction

Leah Milot, Taxation Clerk reported to council asking for approval on reserve bids for two additional properties going to the Tax Recovery Auction for land and designated manufactured homes.

Milot said the property owners of these manufactured homes each had a contract with the Town of Slave Lake to pay the tax arrears. She said these contacts have defaulted so the town must continue on the tax sales process.

Milot added the owners have been notified that they defaulted on the contract. The staff has also been advised the owners of the steps that must be taken in order to avoid tax sales on January 25, 2019.

Milot said a motion was requested and made that council accepts the list of properties for the tax sales as information.

Water meters

Brian Vance, CAO, said water meter installation appointments in the southeast were slowing down so they have expanded to the southwest. He said they may need to come up with some sort of penalty for homeowners who do not set up an appointment to get the meter changed, since the supplier will be charged if the old ones do not get returned.

Vance said getting meters changed is a free service to homeowners.

Borrowing bylaw 35-2018 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

The Town of Slave Lake has made Financial arrangements for the leasing of self-contained breathing equipment for the fire department through RBC.

Roland Schmidt, Director of finance made a request to council to pass a final reading with the unanimous consent of bylaw-35-2018 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Borrowing Bylaw for the purposes of financing the apparatus equipment over a term of seven years.

A motion was made and unanimously carried.

Business License Bylaw #9-2018

It has been brought to the attention of council that the current business bylaws content is 20 years old.

Schmidt said it has held up over the years and the rewrite of the bylaw didn’t attempt to change much of the content in the older bylaw. He explained instead it expands and adds definitions to provide clarity and encompass the changing needs of the business community. Council had tasked admin to look into the current bylaw upon delegation coming to council during summer 2018.

A motion was requested that bylaw #19-2018 receive first, second and third reading.

The motion was carried.

Repairs on emergency siren

A report was made to council asking for a proposed budget of $10,000 to go towards the repairs of the emergency siren.

The emergency siren located at the town hall failed to workduring its monthly siren test for November.

This is the second time in 2018 that the siren has failed to go off. The first failure occurred in January.

During extreme cold weather, fuses within the siren blew, which cause the siren to stop working.
A motion was made that council directs admin to repair the emergency siren for a cost up to $10,000, which will come from the unrestricted surplus. The motion was opposed by councillors Rebecca King and Shawn Gramlich.

Emergency Fire Dispatching Services

Chief Jamie Coutts, slave Lake Regional Fire Services reported to members of council for consideration of the renewal of the fire Dispatching services contract with the city of Grande Prairie.

The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Fire Service purchased fire dispatching services from the city of Grande Prairie for all fire halls, including Fire Hall No.1 in Slave Lake and had used them for years.

Coutts said the service agreement expires on December 31, 2018.

“We are very happy with their support, communications, and professionalism,” he said.

MD 124 ( Lesser Slave River) has agreed to move ahead with this agreement.

A motion was made and carried that the town renew the services arrangement with the city of Grande Prairie for the provision of emergency fire dispatch services. This is for the period of 2019 to 2023, at a cost of $19,750 for 2019 and with a cost escalation of four per cent per year to 2023 based on terms and conditions set out in the draft agreement proposed by the city of Grande Prairie.


Tasha Albert and Marcia McDermott reported to council information on bringing a gymnastics club to the town.

Albert said ideally they would like to have the club running by September 2019. She explained costs for running the club would be approximately $75,000 and buy equipment, etc. She went into detail, saying they based their cost on several gymnastic clubs including the Alberta Gymnastics Association and a gymnastics coach who came to town several years ago and quoted how much it would roughly cost to create a club.

Albert mentioned years ago there was a club in town but it disintegrated. The second thing Albert mentioned is coach recruitment. She says they would like to start off by hiring local coaches and provide Level l and ll training for people who would like to become coaches in the community.

Commercial Vending in Recreation and Parks Facility Policy

As part of an administration policy review, it was noted that the policy titled “Use of Designated Town Owned Recreation and Parks Facilities for Commercial Vending” was outdated.

Roth said Administration has drafted a new policy for council’s consideration.

Roth said there were numerous housekeeping changes to the policy. He said the only substantial change was to allow agreements for vending to be up to three years in length, whereas the former policy only allowed for annual agreements.

A motion was passed by members of council to approve the updated Commercial Vending in Recreation and Parks Facility policy.

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