Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

Oct. 2, 2018 meeting
Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Crossfit seeks new digs

Council dealt with an application by a downtown fitness business to relocate into an industrial area. It would require a change to the Land-Use Bylaw, which was why it was up for a public hearing.
Speaking up in favour of the bylaw change was Robbie Coté, the owner of Crossfit. He explained how the current location is becoming unsuitable. The noise is bugging the neighbours, and the floor of the building (at Main St. and 4th Ave. NE) isn’t holding up.
As for other locations, Coté said, “I’m having trouble finding a building in downtown I’m not going to wreck.”
Council’s main concern had to do with the danger involved with jogging or doing other exercises on Caribou Trail.
“It’s a huge concern for us,” said mayor Tyler Warman.
Coté said the yard at the proposed location is big enough to accommodate all the outdoor stuff. As for people walking or running or riding bikes to and from the site, he said he would make sure the members understand the risks and act accordingly.
That was good enough for council, which voted unanimously in favour of the bylaw change.
Coté told The Leader he still has some hoops to jump through, so he doesn’t know yet exactly when he’ll be able to move Crossfit to the new location.

Water meters being replaced

All of Slave Lake’s water meters will be replaced, council heard. This is the warrantee replacement program that was delayed due to a backlog at the supplier’s end. The new and improved units have arrived, CAO Brian Vance told council.
Vance was asked if only the broken ones would be replaced for now. No, he said, that’s not the plan.
“We’re expecting them all to fail and we have enough to change them all on warrantee, so now is the time to change them.”
Having said that, Vance added it would take some time, due to only one technician on staff. The plan is to go by quadrant.

Pool fixed?

Councillor Julie Brandle asked about repairs to the swimming pool: are all the leaks fixed? Responding, community services director Garry Roth said all the identified ones have been fixed, which may not be the same thing as ‘all’ of them.
“It’s too early to tell,” he said.
The pool is slated to re-open Oct. 22, but it could be sooner. It depends on test results.

Mayor’s corner

Wrapping up, Warman commented on various items. He described as “colourful” recent inter-municipal committee discussions with the M.D. of Lesser Slave River on economic development and the Legacy Centre. He provided no details, but indicated council had some debating to do on those topics.
On the airport re-surfacing project, Warman said “a huge thank you,” is due to the provincial government for funding most of it.
Warman also congratulated the regional fire service, which recently hosted volunteer firefighters from across the country – and even further.
“I met a delegation from Japan,” he said. “They had all kinds of questions.”
The Japanese folks also wanted to visit the Jean-Luc Debas memorial at Canyon Creek. Coincidentally, family members of the helicopter pilot who lost his life while fighting the 2011 wildfires are planning a visit to the memorial this week, some of them coming from France.

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