Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

Sept. 19, 2017
Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Another introduction
For the second straight meeting, councillors were introduced to a successful local sports team. This time it was the Slave Lake Sharks swim club. Speaking for the team, Jacquie Labrie said 50 swimmers took part, with a dozen of them competing at the regional swim meet and eight of those qualifying for the provincial championships. They didn’t win any medals at provincials, “but everybody who swam bettered their times,” she said. “It was a great season.”
Mayor Tyler Warman thanked the Sharks for being such good ambassadors for the town.
“You make us look good!” he said.

CN lights, arms at rail crossing
Council heard in CAO Brian Vance’s report that CN Rail is set to put in new crossing lights and crossing arms at the Main St. crossing. There was a suggestion that the Caribou Trail crossing might also get a re-hab, but Vance said that won’t be happening this year.
“Can we use the old lights at another crossing?” asked councillor Mark Missal.
Vance said he didn’t think it would be in the town’s best interest to do that.
Vance added that 12 per cent of the project’s cost is the town’s, plus 100 per cent of maintenance costs.

Partial payment by M.D.
A late addition to Vance’s report had to do with the M.D. deciding to pay a portion of the town’s invoice for the M.D. share of the cost of operating recreational facilities. This comes under what is called the Inter-Municipal Agreement, under which such costs are shared based on a certain formula (most likely based on the population ratio). M.D. council has been holding off payment of the 2016 invoice for months, while it discusses whether the formula is apropriate. Its decision to pay $304,000 of a $415,000 invoiced amount suggests councillors think it isn’t.
“We need to understand the rationale before further comment,” Vance said in his written report.
Commenting on the matter, Warman said, “I look forward to digging into that and figuring out how it’s going to work going forward.”
It’s quite likely (but unconfirmed) that council’s lengthy in camera session that followed the meeting involved ‘digging into’ the issue. However, no resolution was made as a result of it, according to mayor Warman.

No pavement this year

Fifth Ave. and 5th St. in northeast Slave Lake were slated for repaving this year, but the town announced last week the project would be postponed to the spring of 2018, due to ‘contractor scheduling.’

Park lights not working?
Councillor Darin Busk asked Vance to look into the lights (or light) at the Hilda Eben Park skateboard facility. From what he’s see lately, it hasn’t been coming on at night.
On a related note, Busk said he’d noticed street lights not working; who should it be reported to? Let us know at the town office and we’ll pass it on to ATCO, said Vance. He also advised that each light pole has a number, which helps in reporting them out.
Now that you mention it, said councillor Joy McGregor, there’s a whole section of street in Gloryland with no working street lights.
“It’s black out there!” she said.

Prostate cancer
Per a request, council passed a motion designating September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in Slave Lake. Mayor Warman made the proclamation, which contained alarming facts and figures on the disease. For example; one in seven Canadian men will be diagnosed with it, with an estimated 23,100 diagnosed this year. People with a family history of the disease and men of African or Caribbean descent are most susceptible. On a brighter note, if detected early, there is a 90 per cent survival rate.

Mayor’s Corner
Reporting on his mayoral activities of the previous week, Warman said speaking at former mayor Gerry Allarie’s funeral was “a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be.”
That was on a Saturday. The next day, Warman attended the Terry Fox Run.
“It was great to see so many people out,” he said.
Warman had also spent some time working on a solution to the lack of staffing at the Visitor Information Centre, which was losing its only staff member at the end of that week.
But the biggest news of all, Warman concluded, was nomination day the municipal and school board elections.
“It’s great to see people come out,” he said.
Warman took the opportunity to thank his council colleagues Phil Lokken and Mark Missal for their years of service.
“I really appreciate everything you’ve done,” he said, adding, “I’m excited to have fresh ideas and energy (joining him on the next council).”


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