Town of Slave Lake Committee of the whole notebook

July 10, 2018 meeting
Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Northern Lights Aquatics Centre

CAO Brian Vance in his regular report for council mentioned the chipped tiles in the hot tub are soon to be repaired.
He said in the meantime pylons have been placed on top to avoid people from cutting their feet.
Vance said repairs need to happen when it can stay dry for a while. The pool shutdown will be from August 27 to October 22.

Road rehabilitation project

Vance said 5 Ave. NW between 5 St and 8 St NW road rehabilitation project contract has been awarded.
Construction start date is now the end of July, and the projected completion date is mid-Spetember.
Road closure notices will be sent out two weeks in advance, and door to door notices will be delivered.
Vance said 5 Ave. and 5 St NE project is in progress with new sidewalks and curbs are now completed.
Vance added the town is currently finishing the sub-base repair work on 5 Ave. and then the work on 6 St that was caused during the June 11 flood.

FCSS Grant Approval

Haylie Millard, FCSS Coordinator, read her request for grants.
Council approved the following FCSS suggested distributions:
lLesser Slave Lake Regional Arts Council
– 2018 Young @ Art Camp for $2,450.00
lNatural Strength Birth Services
-Breastfeeding awareness Campaign $1,400.00
lBoys and Girls club of Slave Lake
– Operating Costs $9,000.00

Mayor’s Corner

Mayor Tyler Warman said the last episode of Hellfire Heroes aired, it was great.
He said Minister Ricardo Miranda was here last Tuesday and the town met with him for one and a half hours.
“It was a very good meeting. We discussed many topics including the strong demand for First Nations representation, and I will be reaching out to the Chief Roland Twinn.”
Warman, Chief Twinn and Reeve Murray Kerik went on their annual canoe trip.
Warman reports that the Block Party was amazing and all the volunteers did a really great job.
“Thank you to all of them.”
On July 10 the Native Friendship Centre hosted a public meeting regarding homelessness. Warman was unable to attend but there were three councillors in attendance.
Warman said he was approached regarding the meeting he had at the MRC about the downtown plan. People said there was not enough downtown businesses or any chamber members there.
Warman added that they were all invited and there was also an open house, he says there will be a monthly stakeholder meeting the last Thursday of each month.

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