TOSL council has me shaking my head

To the Editor:

How disappointed I was to read in The Leaders Council Notebook that Town Council had voted in favour of restoring the speed limit from 60kms to 80kms between the bridge over Sawridge Creek to Highway 2.
I am not sure what the reasoning for this was I can’t see any difference between that section of Highway and the section north from the bridge past the Truck stop.
But then I would have had to have been at the council meeting to hear the discussion and that would be too hard on my blood pressure at my age.
I, like Brian Vance recall council saying they didn’t want to raise the speed limit while the walking trail crossed the tracks so close to the highway. At the time I thought right on, a decision I agree with.
I dont know how many councillors walk or bike the trail, especially during the day but as someone that does so practically every day I can say it is very disconcerning and almost terrifying at times when huge logging trucks barrel by on that stretch, which they do on an average of 80 per hour and that is a conservative estimate.
When the speed limit was reduced at the time the temporary housing was installed on the east side of the highway I was surprised at how much difference 20kms an hour made to the noise level and as we know unless photo radar is out 60kms and hour soon becomes 80kms as the norm and 80kms an hour will be 100kms.
Not only am I concerned about usage on the walking trail being close to the highway but my home is one of the closest to the highway. I no longer have the luxury of a beautiful tree berm between my home and the highway blocking sight and sound, which I did before the 2011 wildfire. We lost that, not to the wildfire but to the destructive wisdom of Firesmart. What I do have now to block my view and the noise, is nothing. After begging and pleading last year the Town in their wisdom planted 4 trees that had been recycled from throughout the berm that were not doing very well, but good enough to plant behind my home in the hopes of keeping me quiet. Of those four trees, one is completely dead, two are struggling and one might in about 10 years grow sufficiently above my fence line to afford some sort of a visual.
All of which I feel has devalued my property, after all who would want to buy a home so close to a noisy busy highway which is all you can see out of my sitting room window and no hope of it every changing.
Oh well another decision made that has me shaking my head once again.

Janet Parks
Slave Lake, AB


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