Tonsi returns to Slave Lake to organize community programs

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Born and raised in Slave Lake, Taylor Tonsi moved to Hinton to work as a forest technologist. In June, she moved back to be the Program Coordinator for the Town of Slave Lake.

“I missed home,” Tonsi says. “All my family and friends are here. I really missed working with kids.”

Before college, Tonsi was the assistant program coordinator.

After college, Tonsi’s job focussed on logging contracts, but she helped with the Grade 6 ecology walks at the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation.

“I’m quite crafty,” Tonsi says. “I’m hoping to put more crafting programs in. A few nature programs as well.”

Tonsi paints, draws, and weaves. She even makes her own looms.

Being back in Slave Lake means she can rejoin the Kodiak hockey team. She’s played with some of the women on the team since she was 10.

Tonsi’s excited to reconnect with the community, provide engaging programs, and promote a healthy community.

She is looking into funding to provide both adult and youth healthy cooking classes and a women’s self defense course.

The town program coordinator organizes a range of events for all ages. These include special events like Frost Fest and weekly sports drop-in.

Tonsi’s received requests for pickle-ball.

Pickle-ball is played with rackets and a lower net than badminton or tennis. It’s popular with seniors.

Taylor Tonsi, new Town of Slave Lake Program Coordinator, explains the difference between deciduous (leafy) and coniferous (with cones) trees at Summer Splash.

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