Three of 5 people convicted in their mid to late twenties

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
October 30, 2019
Judge G.W. Paul

Jordan Courtoreille (27) pled guilty to one count of robbery. Ten counts were withdrawn upon acceptance of the guilty plea.
A man had let a friend sleep on his couch, said the crown prosecutor. The friend left. Later, in the evening the man heard arguing in his home. He came out and found four unknown males in his house. Two had red bandannas covering their faces. The other two threatened to hit him with a large flashlight if he looked at them.
These men didn’t have permission to be in the house, said the crown. They seemed to think that there were drugs in the house. The resident allowed the men to search his house, because he was afraid they would become violent.
The men turned off the lights and stole various items, said the crown. These included a $400 bass guitar, a black guitar, groceries, meat out of the freezer, DVDs and a bag with knives in it. These were not a gift. The resident allowed them to be taken because of the treat of violence.
Investigation revealed that Courtoreille was one of the four men.
The early guilty plea is a mitigating factor, said the defense. Courtoreille is addicted to methamphetamine. The crime was linked with his addiction, which coincides with the beginning of his criminal record three or four years ago. He is one of three co-accused.
“The facts are serious. It is akin to a home invasion,” Judge G.W. Paul said, which with the treat of violence can result in life in prison.
In May, Courtorielle received 119 days with 119 credit for robbery, shortly afterward he committed this crime, said Judge Paul.
“In this case, your record is horrible,” said Judge Paul, to Courtoreille. “480 days with your record is barely with the range,” don’t expect such a lenient sentence in the future.
Courtoreille was sentenced to 480 days (almost 16 months), less credit for 126 days, leaving 354 days left to serve.

A man escaped criminal charges by entering into a 12 month no-contact $1,500 peace bond. A criminal charge of uttering threats from September 25, 2019 was withdrawn.

Mathew Stephen Foraie (28) pled guilty to theft under $5,000.
Foraie took two fuel cards from a former employer, said the crown. He used the cards without permission to pump $1,976 worth of fuel. He was identified from surveillance using the cards.
Foraie’s record was admitted. It was classified as limited.
The crown suggested a $3,000 fine and restitution of the full amount. The defense countered with a fine in the range of $1,500 to $2,000 plus restitution.
Foraie received a fine of $1,500 plus the 30 per cent victim surcharge and an order to pay the full amount of restitution. Time to pay the fine was given until May 1, 2020.

A woman pled guilty to having a dangerous dog in violation of a municipal bylaw. Another identical ticket was withdrawn.
She received the specified $500 fine. Time to pay was given until May 1, 2020. If she fails to pay, she’ll spend 10 days in prison.

David Junior Muskego (25) pled guilty to drunk driving.
Muskego was in a quad rollover, said the crown. When police arrived, EMS were evaluating him for injuries. Police noticed a strong odour of liquor. Muskego admitted to drinking six beers, before driving his quad. He hit a bump and was thrown.
Muskego blew a blood alcohol level of 0.12, well over the 0.08 limit.
Muskego’s two previous convictions were read in. A mischief from 2016 and drunk driving from 2018.
As this was a second drunk driving conviction, Muskego received a $2,000 fine (plus the 30 per cent surcharge), a one-year driving prohibition, and isn’t eligible to apply for Interlock until six months have passed. Time to pay was given until May 6, 2020.

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