These things don’t happen by themselves

A lot of folks around these parts are looking forward to the big downtown ‘block party’ bash during Riverboat Daze. For those who weren’t there for the first one last year, it entailed closing off a section of downtown Slave Lake to motorized vehicles, setting up a lot of food and other booths and inviting everybody down for a party on a Friday evening. It was big success in terms of numbers and a lot of fun!

One thing most visitors to the event probably aren’t aware of or think much about is how much work it took to organize such an event. Typically, if things like that run the way they are supposed to, it seems effortless. Visitors are supposed to just have fun and not even be aware of whatever grunt work went into making for that seamless experience. But of course it always comes down to a few people doing the lion’s share of the work. From what we heard, it was three women, who somehow squeezed it all in between looking after their jobs, their kids and so on. If it keeps on going like that, with the majority of the burden on a few pairs of shoulders, the thing will not last. So what we’re suggesting is that many hands make light work.

The same goes for the Sandblast event, which is the Sunday of Riverboat Daze. Too much weight on the shoulders of too few volunteers is one of the things that cause that event to go under for a few years. What ends up happening is that it devolves upon the municipality to keep it afloat, and town staff can only spread themselves so thin.

Riverboat Daze, by the way, is on the second weekend of July this year.

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