The trouble with ranking schools

If you set up a private school and charge parents a few thousand bucks a year for the privilege, you’re going to get better results. Probably. Smaller class sizes, maybe better-paid teachers. Probably fewer of the ‘marginal’ type of students that take up so much time, effort and energy in regular public schools. So of course your average test scores are going to be higher. And when the Fraser Institute does its annual ranking of schools, that school is going to look good. And the larger public institution isn’t. It’s not a fair comparison, which is exactly what the administrators of High Prairie School Division say about those Fraser Institute numbers every time they are asked.

By definition, public schools can’t be fussy about who they take. They do have a lot of good, hard-working, well-intentioned people in them, who try their best to provide a decent education to everybody who shows up. And it’s tough! It may be getting tougher.
Give them some credit.

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