The rip-off continues

Prices at the pump in Slave Lake were making people mad last week. Who knows, maybe it continues this week. That’s not new – people are always unhappy that we pay more for a litre of regular than they do in Westlock. But the gap seemed to be getting bigger lately. According to one correspondent, the scrapping of the carbon levy by the new provincial government should have resulted in a drop in the price of gasoline across the board. But for some reason nothing happened in Slave Lake – at least not on the posted price. Word was bulk dealers had dropped their price, but the retailers weren’t budging.

On June 10, according to, Edmontonians were paying in the mid-90-cents range for a litre of regular, while Slave Lake was stuck at $1.24.9.

The fellow who wrote to us on the subject had also sent his views to the Premier and the MLA. Here’s some of what he said:

‘Gas prices in Slave Lake seem to be based on the highest price the market will bear, with no relationship to the rack price at the refineries in Edmonton as they should be.

‘Unlike the city, the market in Slave Lake is a captive market and too small to be competitive. All the gas stations charge the same high prices and consumers have no choice but be fleeced.

‘As the Consumer Protection Branch says, they can charge whatever they like.

‘When the carbon tax was levied I thought it was a rip-off and did nothing to reduce carbon emissions. People still have to heat their homes and drive vehicles.

‘The rip-off is still happening. The money grab just changed hands from government to gas stations.’

There you have it.

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