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Something we ran out of room for last week was a plug for Alimo’s new dill pickle pizza, which we had a photo of, alongside a new donair pizza Alimo’s was putting out there for naming suggestions. They both tasted pretty good, but we’ll give the edge to the donair one because – let’s face it – donairs taste better than most other things known to man, possibly with the exception of bacon.
From what we’ve been able to glean, the name of the new donair pizza is the ‘William,’ named for a favourite customer.

Pickle pizza on the left; donair pizza William on the right.

It might not be too late to nominate a business (or employer or employee) for one of the Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Business Excellence Awards. ‘Might’ not be, because the deadline is Feb. 5. This newspaper hits the stands on Feb. 4. Folks with subscriptions might or might not get it as early as the 5th. But just in case you do, and find yourself reading this short of the deadline, head on down to, where you’ll find an easy nomination process. There are a dozen categories this year – all to be awarded at the annual Chamber Business Gala on March 9.

A source close to the action tells us the fundraiser for the pro-pipeline convoy to Ottawa (the yellow vest one) that was scheduled for last month at the Slave Lake Legion didn’t happen. It was canceled, due to organizers getting uncomfortable with some of the more radical and unpleasant sentiments associated with the ‘Yellow Vest Movement’ as it’s being called. Encountering racist comments and suggestions of violence, they thought it best not to be involved. Or so we heard.
And it fits with some of the other stuff we’d been hearing and seeing. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the Yellow Vesters are just shooting themselves the foot if they give that sort of extremist nonsense a platform.

We’ve been informed our front-page story on the Jason Kenney visit in the last Lakeside Leader missed mentioning one of his stops in town. That was to the seniors’ lodge, which according to our source prompted a big turnout in the cafeteria. We had the A&W visit and the Friendship Centre, but must have missed the memo on the Vanderwell Lodge stop. Apparently there was somebody there snapping pictures the whole time that looked enough like a certain Lakeside Leader shutterbug to fool at least one resident into thinking The Leader was represented.

The Alberta Forest Products Association is good enough to send us updates from time to time on what that organization is promoting. Lately it’s careers in forestry for women. It’s a campaign featuring five women with various such careers. None of them are from this area or we’d give it more prominence. It’s interesting, though, that the AFPA is doing it; also interesting is that the update that announces it does not say why it wants to feature these five women. They leave it to the recipient or reader to speculate.
Okay, we will. Perhaps they are motivated by notions of the value of gender-equality for its own sake? The industry wants to be seen as being friendly and welcoming to women? Hasn’t it been?
Or perhaps more simply, there’s a shortage of people coming into the industry and that shortage could be made up by enticing people into it who might not have considered it?
Certainly a lot of those would be women. All of the above?

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