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Page 9 this week is brought to you by the letter ‘B.’ What starts with ‘B’? Broccoli does, and so does Bush. George Bush Senior died last week at the ripe old age of 94, which he achieved without the noted health benefits of broccoli. ‘I just don’t like it!’ George Sr. was quoted as saying, back in his presidential days. Our view: GHW Bush was a good guy – honourable, respectable and – as far as we could tell – in it for the right reasons. There must be a few more people like him around. Broccoli is good too, depending on how it’s prepared and served.
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Probably nobody doubts that having a college in town benefits the local economy. But Northern Lakes College goes a step further and tells us exactly what that benefit is. In fiscal 2015/16, for example, NLC paid out $15.1 million via its Slave Lake operation. This would have been largely in salaries and other costs of regular operation. Further, around 37 students came to Slave Lake from outside the region in that year, the college says, adding an estimated $458,000 in spending. Also calculated was the ‘accumulated contribution’ of people in the workforce who have spent some time studying at NLC over the years. This figure is $21.9 million.
The economic impact study was done by a consultant called EMSI, and included information on 11 Alberta colleges.
* * * * *
If you’re wondering why last week’s Leader was a bit slow in showing up on newsstands or at the post office, a moose is to blame. The truck that brings the freshly-printed paper from the printing plant in Wainwright hit the animal in the middle of the night, causing a delay of several hours in getting The Leader to Slave Lake. However, we have to assume the poor moose got the worst of it.
* * * * *
This will be the second last edition of The Leader of 2018. By the time you read this, your ink-stained editor will be on his own, trying to fill the 51st and final one of the year, while his able newsroom assistant reclines under a palm tree on a tropic island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. So if you’ve got any news, we’ll take it!
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There’s a website called Trip Advisor that has an entry on Slave Lake, with photos supplied by members of the public. The main one is a decent shot of Devonshire Beach with a few hundred gulls on it. Some people probably like the idea of birds on a beach; others definitely don’t. Three other photos appear on the main page; one is the beach without birds, one is the lake beyond a groomed lawn (North Shore B&B?) and the third – weirdly – is of a sandwich. And not even a very nice sandwich. Can’t quite figure that one out. There are 268 more pictures submitted by members of the public on the site. We didn’t get to them yet.
* * * * *
Former Slave Lake town manager Bernie Kreiner called the other day asking for contact information for the Rex Theatre. It turns out the Rotary Club in Hinton has taken on the task of setting up a movie theatre – or at least a movie program – in Hinton after the former movie house burned down about a year ago. Bernie was hoping for some tips on how to make such a venture profitable.
* * * * *
The following conversation was overheard in ye olde coffee shop last Friday morning:
Retired gent #1: ‘Soup and bannock today!’
Retired gent #2: ‘What are they having?’
RG1: ‘How should I know?’
RG2: ‘You check online. They post it on there.’
RG1: ‘I don’t do that stuff. I like to show up and be surprised.’
* * * * *
Parking tickets issued from December 3rd to 14th, 2018 can be paid for with a toy once again as part of the Town of Slave Lake’s Toys for Tickets program.
If you receive a non-moving violation ticket between December 3 and 14, 2018, you can choose to donate a toy instead of paying the ticket! All donations go to a child in the community.
Toys must be:
New and unwrapped in their original packaging
Of equal or greater value than the amount owed on the parking ticket and;
Accompanied by receipt of the purchase of toy(s)
People can take their toy donations to the town office between December 3 and December 21, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
Be sure to bring your parking ticket with you. A receipt must be presented at the time of donation.
The town office is closed from noon to 1:00 p.m. each day.

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