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That overnight rain on the second weekend of August was very welcome. Whether it helped clear the smoke away or not, it was a nice change, although it did slow down certain construction projects.
* * * * *
Okay, do you want to know what Marty McSorley said ‘off the record,’ last Monday when he visited Slave Lake? We’d love to tell you, but it was off the record.
Actually McSorley was generally respectful and positive, although he did mention that so and so ‘is not a nice person,’ and that such and such a commentator doesn’t say what he really thinks because he isn’t allowed to.
And what he really thinks? Fedorov was better than Yzerman and Datsyuk way better than Ovechkin. One aspect of the Zdeno Chara effect in Boston is to make tough guys better than they are when they go to other teams that don’t have guys like Chara backing them up.
The stories pour out of McSorley: about Jari Kurri, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier. About Darryl Sutter and Teemu Selanne and Larry Robinson. About the dirty tactics of the Flames back in the day, but also how good they were. And of course about how important it is for him (and them) to be making connections and raising funds for good causes in communities like Slave Lake.
* * * * *
And all that was just on a Monday. Whatever else the week had in store had not happened yet when this was written. Nothing too exciting, probably, but there were town and M.D. council meetings; it seemed like ages since the last ones.
* * * * *
We hear the UCP Lesser Slave Lake constituency group was having a nomination meeting in High Prairie last week. If that’s correct we should have an official list of candidates for you soon (possibly even elsewhere in this paper).
* * * * *
Our hunt for accurate info on UCP candidates led us to an Elections Alberta website page that has details on all declared candidates (‘declared’ meaning something more official than a Facebook announcement, presumably). Besides finding three names under ‘Lesser Slave Lake’ UCP candidates, we found a certain Judy Kim-Meneen listed as the approved Alberta Party candidate for Lesser Slave Lake. Our plan is to do feature stories on all candidates of all parties.
* * * * *
The Regional Environmental Action Committee, Keepers of the Athabasca and Sucker Creek First Nation are teaming up on a solar energy project on the Treaty 8 Building at Sucker Creek. Installation was to start last week.

We must be getting a reputation, because people keep dropping off things of historical interest at The Leader. The latest is this box of items from the Stella Boisvert estate. A museum would be the ideal place for them to reside. In the meantime…. Here they are. In front is a dustpan type of implement, apparently for removing ashes from a wood stove. On the right in front is a box holding a couple of heavy irons – the kind that were heated on a stove-top. In back is a washboard, a tin containing old postcards and other things, some of them not easily identifiable. The collection includes several copies of Walter Pendle’s poems and stories, some souvenir plates showing beach scenes from Lesser Slave Lake. Last week the items went to a better home – at the public library archives.

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