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Okay, what’s the deal with brassieres being attached to a power pole east of Slave Lake on Hwy 2? An alert truck driver called The Leader last week to let us know about it. He said he first noticed it last fall. Is it some kind of statement? Or just a gag? Somebody knows.

Somebody may be trying to distract you.

* * * * *
‘Damn and blast,’ as people say in old-fashioned novels. All those errors that got past the proofreaders and into print in the last issue or two of The Leader. Apologies all around. We’d like to promise it won’t happen again, but that would be stupid.
* * * * *
How many Lakeside Leader employees does it take to open a garbage bag? That was the question we were asking last week when neither end of the first one of a new batch of garbage bags would open up. It took two people several minutes to get that darn thing open.
* * * * *
Good for Slave Lake Dental, for sponsoring various community activities lately. One was a free bingo for seniors at the Vanderwell Lodge. Another was a free swim at the pool. Way to go!
* * * * *
The Leader received a box of 50-year-old newspaper clippings and other stuff from the Stella Boisvert estate the other day. It’s apparently destined for the archive at the library, but in the meantime….
One is a local 1978 calendar produced by schoolteacher and artist Bob Harrold. It features a dozen Harrold sketches of the town and area, beginning with this one…
We plan to pick our way through the box and include a detail or two in this space.
Harrold, by the way, may or may not be living in the Okanagan and making a name for himself as a watercolour artist.
Another item is an Edmonton Journal from May 24, 1968. ‘Many Fleeing Wall Of Fire,’ blares a big front-page headline. ‘Residents of Lesser Slave Lake Towns Forced To Evacuate As Flames Approach.’ Those were the days when every word in a headline was capitalized.
Other front page headlines from that issue of The Journal: ‘Stanfield A Hit In Calgary;’ ‘One Final Charge, Barricades Fall’ (this from Paris, France); ‘Mad Bomber Hunted in Toronto’ ‘Indians Charge Conscription Prejudice’ (about hiring firefighters in Saskatchewan).

A Bob Harrold sketch of the Slave Lake RCMP building, in a 1978 calendar. Harrold is now a professional artist living in Kelowna.

* * * * *
Who should pop in the office last week but Harry Davis, the transportation boss for the High Prairie School Division. He’s looking for about seven new bus drivers for the Slave Lake area – two full time and five spares.
* * * * *
Our expedition to photograph the power pole adorned with bras out on the highway last week involved a stroll of a few hundred metres along the north ditch. It will come as no surprise there was a lot of garbage in there, but the volume of it was a bit surprising. Not to mention disheartening.
* * * * *
You want local UFO sightings? We have ‘em! At least our website ( does. Look for the link under ‘Quirk News.’ It’s from 2011, near Kinuso.

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