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Speaking of rain over a weekend, it’s a shame about the Widewater Sports men’s baseball tournament wasn’t able to continue. A lot of work goes into that thing and teams came from out of town. But parts of the diamond, we heard, just got too sloppy from the rain.
That didn’t stop either of the slowpitch tournaments from carrying on, however.
* * * * *
Next Friday, June 22, Region 5 of the Metis Nation of Alberta is holding its ‘Aboriginal Celebration Day’ in Faust. Judging by the info sent to us, it looks as if it kicks off with a free lunch, followed by horseshoes and cribbage tournamnents, kids’ games and a volleyball tournament. It’s located at the Faust Metis Centre, which is formerly a Northern Lakes College building.
* * * * *
It seems participation in fishing tournaments is trending downward. At least the days of 150-boat tournaments on Slave Lake seem to be a thing of the past. Why that is we have no idea, or at least no better idea than the old standard – ‘It’s the economy.’
We’ve got a feeling it’s also partly because the novelty is wearing off. People are on to other things.
However, those who do show up usually have a great time and the winners have an especially great time! The community benefits in various ways and the hard-working volunteers who put the event like the Anglers Cup together…… well, we hope they had a good time as well and it was all worth it.
* * * * *
We’re not saying we waded into a rushing current the other day to get a photo of the Mooney Creek Bridge on Sawridge Road when the water was high. On the other hand, we’re not saying we didn’t. The water was moving pretty fast in an eastward direction along the road, at about gumboot depth, and probably carrying off a lot of the road material with it.
Nothing new with Mooney Creek. It has a tendency to burst its banks early and often. It’s not very far downhill to the lake from there, and the creek just wants to spread out, which is what it’s been doing forever – hence how all that flat land got there in the first place.
Of course every river and stream that flows into Lesser Slave Lake (any lake, let’s face it) is doing the same thing; i.e. bringing silt down from higher ground and depositing it – some along the way and the rest of it into the lake. That’s why the Swan River is eventually going to spread its delta all the way across the narrows and Lesser Slave will become two smaller lakes. It’s just a matter of time.
Speaking of the Swan, there’s apparently some debate about whether it or the Drifpile did most of the damage out there.
* * * * *
Any World Cup watchers out there? Of course there are. Let us know who you’re supporting and why. Could this be the year Iceland goes all the way? Ha, ha, ha. That would be about as likely as a first-year NHL team making it to the Stanley Cup final. Never happen!
* * * * *
The Slave Lake Forest Public Advisory Committee (PAC) is holding a meeting on June 21. This group gets together twice a year or so to discuss issues having to do with forest management in the Slave Lake area. Meetings usually include updates from the mills on their harvest and other plans, on mountain pine beetle suppression efforts, on the fire situation and more.
The June 21 meeting agenda includes a presentation on the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Management Plan.
It kicks off with a barbecue supper at 6:00 p.m. at the Slave Lake Fire Centre, followed by the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Constance Chan at West Fraser is your contact person, at 780-805-3694.
* * * * *
Readers will notice we’ve started what we hope will turn into a regular feature in The Leader, called ‘Avid Readers.’ It was suggested by the folks at the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Library and we’ve started by interviewing a couple of members of the board who fit the description. There are lots of others out there and if you’d like to tell us what you like to read and why and maybe how it has influenced your life and outlook, etc., let us know!
Are there examples, say, of how reading has changed somebody’s way of looking at the world? Of looking at other people? Of looking at one’s self? Bound to be.

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