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As brief as our participation in the 2018 Songbird Festival was, it’s always fun to get out to the site early and warm your freezing fingers over the big grill as Terry or Bob or Pat or Nelson flip pancakes and insult each other (good naturedly, of course).
“Pigs in a blanket, eh?” remarked one person, passing by and seeing ***** wrap a sausage in a flapjack and stuff about half of it in his mouth at once.
“No, he’s just wearing an apron,” quipped Mr. *****
* * * * *
“So, are you into birds?” asked one of the people at the songbird festival of one of the other people at the songbird festival. Chances are if you ask that question at an event like that the answer is going to be ‘yes.’ However, the questionee thought about it for a moment, before replying: “There’s a word for how into birds I am, but it isn’t coming to me. Give me a moment.”
After thinking a bit more, he said: “My mother was into birds, but I’ve only got a moderate case of it.”
* * * * *
Meanwhile, if you drew a straight line from the site of that conversation in a west-southwesterly direction overtop of the eight-foot waves you would have come to Spruce Point Park marina, where the First Annual Larry Dahlgren Memorial Walleye Tournament was grounded for the day. Good call, because Sunday was open and it was wild out there with the big west wind. It all worked out, though.
* * * * *
We hear there’s a festival in Flatbush on June 16. They’re calling it the ‘Funky Farm Festival’ and it includes a pancake breakfast, a parade, slowpitch, horseshoes, cribbage, beer garden and what have you.
‘What have you’ includes an event called ‘Chicken Sh*t Bingo,’ and we’re not making that up. Somebody else made it up and it could well have been someone on M.D. council. We’ll look into it and get back to you.
* * * * *
Something you don’t see every day is coming to the Legacy Centre in Slave Lake this Friday. It’s an all-day leadership workshop, by ‘video-simulcast.’ According to Town of Slave Lake Director of Community Services Garry Roth, participants will be part of “the world’s largest one-day leadership workshop.”
It features nine high-level speakers, Roth says, including people of significant accomplishment in various fields. For example, one is the first female F-14 pilot, another is a legless aerialist and, one is somebody from the sports world and others are “CEO types.”
Registration is at 8:30 a.m. and the simulcast starts at 9:00 a.m. The fee is $130, which Roth says is “pretty much the going rate,” for this sort of thing. Sign up ahead of time online at the Town of Slave Lake website, at, or call the MRC at 780-849-8028.
* * * * *
This is so typical. We hear dire things about the condition of a gravel road or street. We go check it out and find it isn’t bad at all. This happens pretty much every time we’ve ever driven on the Old Smith Highway. Either people are exaggerating its condition, or we just get lucky.
Last week we heard things were dismal in Gloryland. Went down there and saw a bit of rutting, but nothing outrageous. What’s the big deal? Well, we probably missed the worse of it. Somebody had been doing a bit of work, that much was obvious.
* * * * *
The Rotary’s NHL playoff pool is entering the home stretch, and it appears somebody with a weird vision of Vegas and Washington ending up in the final and still has 10 players left is going to win the thing.
Rotary Duck Drop tickets are now available. The drop will be held during the Gilwood Club Championship on Sept. 22.
* * * * *
It’s down to the wire on getting a slowpitch team into the Widewater Sports Days tournament this weekend. But if you are reading this before Tuesday evening, June 5, you can still get a team in. Organizer Harry Bartlett says there are still spots in the tournament for competitive and non-competitive teams and the thing to do is call him right now at 780-805-0482.

What else is happening? Kids Can Catch, this Friday at the weir, we hear.

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