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What happens to all those RCMP officers? You get to know them during their five-year (give or take) stint in Slave Lake and then they are gone, swallowed up in the vastness of Canada, never to be encountered again. There’s the odd exception, though. Brent Meyer turned up in Wabasca after leaving Slave Lake, and made a notable return visit on May 15, 2011, directing fleeing residents of the southeast part of town at the Tags corner, while a hurricane of smoke and cinders blew around him. Seven years later, it turns out he’s now the staff sergeant in Peace River. All the best to him.
* * * * *
There are definite drawbacks to too much warm sunny weather, but nobody was complaining much on the May long weekend. It was a beauty and one of the great things about it was the relative absence of mosquitos. Somebody who spent that weekend on a farm near Rocky Mtn. House said they were thick down there. She also drove through a heavy downpour around Westlock on the way home that we never saw a drop of around here. With wetter weather comes more mosquitos. We’ll just have to put up with them. Because we sure could use some rain.
* * * * *
This just in: a fax from a lawyer in Barcelona Spain, informing us he’s got $6.8 million to dispose of and would like some help doing it. Classic scam.
Speaking of the good ol’ fax machine, it hardly ever wakes up these days. It’s a far cry from when it used to be humming pretty much constantly, with ad material going back and forth to and from customers, and government (and others) using it as a quick means of sending their publicity stuff. Now it’s just another piece of semi-obsolete junk, like the typesetting machine that sat in the office doing nothing for a decade or two before we hauled it off to the dump.
* * * * *
There’s a theory that’s been pretty well proven about it only being a matter of time before you run into someone from Slave Lake when you’re wandering around the aisles of Costco in the city. Testing out a similar theory in downtown Westlock last week, who should we run into but good old Allan and Kelly Motowylo, longtime proprietors of the Tru Value hardware store in Slave Lake. Turns out they’ve been living in Westlock for about a year. Al says he works sometimes at a hardware store and also a bit on the family farm near Linaria.
* * * * *
Well wouldn’t you know it. We made the trip down to ‘the Hondo area’ last Thursday afternoon to take a picture of a drone planting trees. First time it’s been done in North America, so it seemed worth the time. Just as the people running the demonstration were getting ready to show it off up close, along came the only rain cloud within a hundred kilometres and let go its contents. Everybody scampered for their vehicles and waited. And waited. We assume it eventually went off as planned, but your reporter had to get back to the office to get on with the layout.

Rods and cones

Combining cool cars and free ice cream turned out to be a big hit for Slave Lake’s Rte. 88 Rods & Customs club. The club paid for the ice cream and over 150 cones were handed out at Scoopsy Daisy’s in downtown Slave Lake on May 12. Adam Crain of the car club says it was done to raise awareness for the club and to “give back to the community.” Rte. 88 is thinking of doing other such events through the summer. It’s two big fundraising events come in early September – a drive-in movie and the annual show and shine.

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