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We’ve been getting lots of email news from Gilwood Golf Club lately. So have all the members, probably. The latest is about the resumption of the weekly Men’s and Ladies’ Night events for the season. Men on Tuesdays and Ladies on Wednesdays. Good luck!
* * * * *
Big crushed ice show from the lake last week on Marten Beach. The lake ice until then was looking pretty solid, but a big west wind proved it wasn’t at all, driving piles of rotting ice up onto the beach. Heck, by the time this comes out it might all be gone.
Meanwhile, the ice was escaping down the river early last week and a lot of people were out there watching it. It is fun seeing it go and listening to it tinkle and grind its way through the obstacles.
* * * * *
Teams wishing to play slowpitch in the Widewater Sports Days (June 9 – 11) this year probably shouldn’t wait around until the last minute to register. The men’s baseball tournament is full at six teams, we hear, but the two slowpitch divisions weren’t as of late last week,
“Call now!” says organizer Harry Bartlett. The number is 780-805-0482.
* * * * *
Congratulations to Danielle Frigon for winning the Lakeside Leader’s gift basket draw at the recent Chamber of Commerce Spring Trade Show. Thank you to everyone who dropped by our table and feel free to visit us at the office! Or our website, Facebook, etc. Thanks to all our subscribers and readers too. Not to mention all our advertisers!

Lucky Danielle Frigon, with her Lakeside Leader gift basket.

* * * * *
A dandy story in last week’s South Peace News, about how High Prairie mayor Linda Cox got stranded in Halifax because she didn’t have enough ID for Westjet to let her on the plane for her return flight! The story – on the South Peace News equivalent of Page 9 – told how Ms. Cox was without her passport because it was tied up in a visa application to another country. On top of that it turned out her driver’s license had expired, and this wasn’t noticed at the Edmonton end of her flight. She was able to use her expired license, however, to acquire a Nova Scotia fishing license and she was hoping that would help. Apparently it did, but by that time the weather had turned foul and flights were grounded. At the time of the writing she was still stuck in the Nova Scotia capital. Good luck! Enjoy the seafood!
* * * * *
Out for a Page 9 stroll around town last Tuesday afternoon we observed the following: Pretty and interesting photographs by Monica Durau at The Fix; the new crosswalk signal on Main St. at 4th Ave. N.W. in working order and being ignored by three pickup truck drivers – one after the other; four chainsaws on display outside The Flipside, ranging from about $80 to $280; a balloon sculpture (is that the term?) by Grateful Heart of a pizza slice at Alimo’s (and thanks for the ice cream, by the way).
Then there was Wayne Bacon of the TOSL, explaining the challenges of spring flower box prep and trail maintenance; eight three-inch deck screws in the grass along behind the Sawridge Plaza Mall; people moving their trade show stuff out of the MRC, three days after it ended; too much traffic on Main St. to jaywalk; the mess along the fence at the back of the former Slave Lake Yamaha yard nicely cleaned up, but the lot in front of it not so much; the route from the 6th Ave. SE bridge to Roland Michener School (which we recently called ‘trash alley’) almost completely litter-free, except for one brand-new pizza-slice box, probably dropped that same day by a student on his way back from 7-11 at lunch break; no garbage can on that route, even if kids were inclined to use one; chokecherry bushes bursting into leaf along the creek, in spite of the black knot fungus a lot of them have; the homeless hangout/garbage dump totally cleaned up!
* * * * *
You might expect there’d be an update from the police about the Chantelle Hole murder. We thought so too, and asked. This was the answer: ‘What you have are rumours. If someone had been charged with this offence, there definitely would have been a media release. The investigation is ongoing. Homicide investigations can take a significant amount of time.’
Fair enough.

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