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The Northern Lights Aquatic Centre (otherwise known as ‘the pool’) is closed this month for its annual maintenance. It is supposed to re-open at the beginning of next month.

Also closed as of this writing was Boston Pizza in Slave Lake, for some renovation work. It should be open by the end of this week. Owner Tyler Warman says the reno is a regular one mandated by the head office, and has to be done every seven years, entirely at the expense of the owner. What’s different about this one, he says, is he’s acting as general contractor and using all local people as sub-contractors. And how is it going?
“It’s a lot of work!” he says.
In other restaurant news, the A&W on the highway is closed for good (as reported earlier), but the one on Main St. is going strong.

We hear the high school golf zone tournament is at Gilwood this year. Sept. 16, in fact. The Roland Michener team will be taking on the hottest golfers from schools around the region. Good luck!

If you’re looking retirement in the face and have questions about Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan (assuming that’s what OAS and CPP stand for), an Oct. 9 session in Slave Lake might be worth attending. Christina Cooper of the local RBC is putting it on, along with Service Canada. The promo thing we saw says 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at 400 Main St. North in Slave Lake. It does not name the place, but a Google search tells us it is the Royal Canadian Legion.

Here’s the deal with the Rotary Club Grey Cup pool: it’s down to ‘a handful’ of tickets still to sell. The draw is after the big game on Nov. 24. Invest $2 for a chance to win $500 (or some lesser amount). The remaining tickets are at Eiserman’s Meats or get hold of Harry Bartlett.

‘MLA Rehn, minister all ears,’ says one headline in last week’s High Prairie South Peace News. In another story in the same issue, High Prairie town councillor Michael Long is quoted at length, slamming the same MLA for not being all ears. Or at least for being ignorant of the dire need for a dialysis unit at the High Prairie Hospital. Long was pulling no punches: ‘….Life and death situations that these people are facing in our area are going to be put on hold again because of the ignorance of our MLA.’ And lots more in that vein.
Apparently the commitment by the former government to fund the dialysis thing is now in question, and when asked about it, Rehn didn’t seem to know much about it.
It’s an interesting contrast between those two stories about the same guy. He’s probably getting too much credit in the first and too much blame in the second. If the government Rehn belongs to decides to cut all over the place and the dialysis is one of the victims, it’s hardly his fault. But he should at least be well-briefed on it and do what he can to lobby for his constituents. On the Bill 6 consultation, the story is headlined ‘all ears’ but the body of the story is all talk by the MLA and minister and has nothing of what they might have listened to. Still, they must have heard a thing or two; the reporter just chose to print what they said and not what they heard.

What is it with these bears? Don’t they have anything to eat out in the bush? Get back where you came from! You’d think berries only grow in town at this time of year, which can’t be the case. But it would be very helpful if people would stop tempting those critters by storing garbage outside. Other than that…..we just hope nobody gets hurt.

One thing that’s weird, funny and annoying these days is people complaining that sending an email is too much work. And they’ll of course say right back that people who refuse to communicate via text message are at least annoying, if not also weird and funny.

We got a response on the old Riverboat Daze parade picture we had in a recent issue of The Leader. Jim Sparks recognized himself in the photo (‘the one with the long hair’). His friend Mike Trent is beside him in the picture and they’re standing in the back of a black truck. We’ve isolated that part of the photo below.

The Slave Lake Terry Fox Run is this Sunday, Feb. 15, noon to 2:30 p.m. starting at Schurter Park. Register online at

So, have you heard anything about that pipeline that’s supposedly being built from somewhere in the Marten Hills to somewhere not far from Slave Lake? Further news on it (unofficial and possibly not accurate), is that construction may start in October and employ 300 or so people for the duration.

Slightly less certain than a pipeline is a sighting of Bigfoot out there in the bush. Please let us know if you spot something.

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