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In the midst of all that other stuff that was happening, on the July 27 weekend a house in Slave Lake got struck by lightning. From what we’ve been told, the owners were out on Sunday, July 28, looking at weird storm clouds that were in the area. When they got back home they noticed their power was out, but the neighbour’s wasn’t. The neighbour told them they figured their house must have been hit by lightning. Luckily it didn’t catch fire, but some plaster was dislodged from a bedroom ceiling, and black smudges appeared around some of the electrical outlets.

It’s always fun to find out somebody is reading the newspaper. This time it was Kevin Simpson, who not only read Page 9 a couple of weeks ago, he rolled up his sleeves, made some of Winnie Lehman’s ‘Rhubarb roll-ups’ (the recipe for which had appeared there) and then brought the results, still steaming, in to The Leader for us to sample. Thanks!
The recipe, by the way, came from the Slave Lake Adult Education cookbook, called ‘History in the Baking,’ a copy of which fell into our hands some time ago.

Your Page 9 reporter killed a couple of birds with one stone on a recent Sunday night, checking out the newly revamped Rex Theatre in Slave Lake and watching a movie that featured all sorts of Beatles’ music.
The theatre: big soft seats, sound coming from all directions and very loud! Plus good old Charlie Ghostkeeper taking money at the door.
The movie: good fun all around, with a lot of great music. Himesh Patel was charming and convincing as the struggling musician who suddenly finds himself the only person on earth who remembers The Beatles or their music. Or is he…….?
You’ll find no more spoilers here. But speaking of spoilers, was it really necessary to give away the gist of the story in a preview for people who had already paid to see it? That was just plain weird, not to mention irritating.
What’s the thinking on that? ‘Oh, we’d better show them a teaser, just in case they change their minds after spending 20 bucks (or whatever) and leave before it starts.’
Some people don’t mind spoilers, but some certainly do. It’s like knowing who won the game and who scored the goals before watching it. What’s the point?

A lot of the coffee shop talk lately has been about those two kids on the run from the law in the northern Manitoba bush. At this writing they hadn’t been found, and not many people expected it to end well. A good ending, presumably, would be one in which nobody else gets killed. But it was hard to imagine the hunt concluding without gunplay.

Does anybody consider the lowly earthworm? Probably its difficulties in wet weather don’t cause many sleepless nights, but those poor little slitherers have been having a hard year. Every time it rains hard they have to flee their habitat for drier ground, which in town means sidewalks and streets. There, they either get picked off by ravens and magpies, or dry up and die on the concrete. Rough life and it’s been happening over and over again this summer.
There are a lot of them, though, and we’ve heard they make a nice snack, if properly prepared. Nutritious as anything. Can earthworm burgers be far off?

The Rotary Club is hard at its task of selling two sets of Grey Cup pool tickets. Why so early? Harry Bartlett says it’s to clear the decks for the much bigger annual $10,000 cash raffle, which will be going on sale sometime fairly soon. That one is drawn sometime close to Christmas, with some lucky person getting a 10 grand Christmas present.

Your regional fire service has been busy. Deputy Chief Alex Pavcek says between floods, house fires and motor vehicle accidents, the calls have been coming thick and fast lately. “It’s a good reminder that our volunteers are going above and beyond to assist their communities,” he says.

Three girls were confirmed at St. Peter’s Ecumenical Church on Sunday July 27. Highlights include: the bishop from Athabasca leading the service and a set of grandparents from Norway singing a hymn in Norwegian.

The Town of Slave Lake is offering two self defence classes on August 31 at the Multi Rec Centre. To register go to the MRC or call 780-849-8028.

Colour Rush is coming up on August 24. It is a fundraiser for Slave Lake Child Care Society. It is a 5 km powder run, meaning people throw a kaleidoscope of colours at runners. Check in is at 9:30 a.m. at Sinclair Sports Fields, the T-ball fields. The race starts at 11 a.m. Register through the Facebook event or at

KidSport Slave Lake Trail Run and Walk is on September 9 from 10 a.m. to noon starting at Devonshire Beach. On August 15 at 5:30 p.m., there is a practice run to learn the trail. Afterward people can register at Dog Island Brewery.
Participants who register before 8 p.m. on August 15 can enter a draw for two tickets to the Ice Breakers event on August 24.
This is a fundraiser for KidSport, which helps over 30 local kids be involved in organized sports.

A big thank you to an interested reader for contacting The Leader for contact info and location for Spanish classes. The one was not known and the other was overlooked in last weeks article.
To register for Spanish classes contact Lilibeth Normand at The classes will be in the MRC board room starting in September.

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