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In the May 29 Leader, a student’s name was given instead of a teacher’s. The director of Aladdin Jr. at E.G. Wahlstrom School should have been Erica Bakewell, but by mistake Jolie Osadchuk’s name was put in instead.

Alrighty, while we’re on the topic of mistakes, here’s another one. Aspen View, as in Aspen View Public School Division, is two words, not one. We’ll try to get that right in future.

Congratulations to the Woods & Water Recreational Trails Association (W&WRTA), for receiving this year’s Trailblazer Award from Alberta TrailNet. The award recognizes notable achievements in trail development. There have been significant ones on the north shore section of the Trans Canada Trail the past few months, with several bridges and culverts installed. Of course there’s a lot more work to be done! Check out the group’s Facebook page for updates and if you’d like to help out, get in touch with Lloyd Sawatzky (president), Travis DeAlexandra (VP) or Joe here at The Leader.

Hey, Scott Sinclair, who grew up around here, called the other day to let us know he’s coming to town around the time of Riverboat Daze to set up shop temporarily selling windshields! The company is called ‘Wild West Windshields.’
‘I want people to know it’s me and not some fly-by-night outfit,’ he says.
For details, see the ad on Page 24.
Scott, who had a successful Junior ‘A’ hockey career of his own, says he’s interested in the idea of Slave Lake getting a new Jr. ‘A’ team and looks forward to attending a few games.
Him and a lot of other people, no doubt.

Add another item to the list of things disrupted by wildfires in the area: Northern Lakes College has postponed its convocation ceremony until September. It had been scheduled for this month in High Prairie.

The Slave Lake Forest Public Advisory Committee has its spring meeting this week, as previously mentioned in this space. What’s changed is the location. It’ll now be at the Slave Lake Inn in the Medallion room, at 7 p.m. Anyone with questions about the recent fires, pine beetle, harvest plans or other forest management issues can have them answered there.

Here’s something you might not have known: the Green Party of the Peace River-Westlock federal electoral district (what the heck; let’s call it a riding), is getting organized. According to information posted on you-know-where, a couple of nomination meetings are being held, including one right here in Slave Lake. It’s on Sunday, June 16 at the Friendship Centre, at 2:00 p.m. Jule Asterisk and Peter Nygaard are two ‘potential candidates’ for the position of Green Party candidate for the riding, it says. This would be for the federal election expected in the fall.

Are there other stirrings of activity with regard to the fall election? We assume Mr. Viersen will be seeking re-election for the Conservative Party of Canada. The Liberals and NDP typically don’t have an easy time finding people to run in this part of the world – at least federally. Although the Liberal candidate last time was able to make things livelier than usual. Speaking of lively, Viersen is now known as the MP who can present an entire speech in rhyme; will he treat the voters in his riding to rhyming opening statements at candidates’ forums? It could be a first in history.

Heading over to the VIC for yet another postponed event on Friday we stumbled on Votham and Martine, setting up Pat Rehn’s constituencey office. Should be open soon!

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