The flood of 2018

Marten Beach at the height of the flooding on June 12. Photo courtesy Shawn Kearney, Lesser Slave Lake Regional Fire Service.

Hwy. 2 looking east with the Swan River running over it.
Photo courtesy County of Big Lakes.

Southshore Drive at Nine Mile Point, on June 12.
Photo courtesy M.D. of Lesser Slave River

Stuff was floating all over the place in Marten Beach, including a lot of firewood, tanks and less pleasant things.
Photo courtesy Randy Ross

Sawridge Rd. east of Slave Lake on the morning of June 13, with Mooney Creek overflow still running along it looking for another way to the lake.

A rescue boat ferries a couple of residents to the highway near Kinuso on June 14. Photo courtesy of Blanche Chymycz.

Eating Creek overflow on June 13 – down but still flowing in the Poplar Lane ditch, with damage to the road evident.

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