The Dimestore Fishermen to do another episode on Lesser Slave Lake

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

It won’t be soon, but eventually Lesser Slave Lake will again be featured in an episode of TV’s The Dimestore Fishermen. Host Jim Hoey and a crew of two was in town for three days last week, hosted by Slave Lake Mayor Tyler Warman and Sawridge First Nation Chief Roland Twinn. They also stopped at The Leader for a chat on June 5.

“It’s our fourth time in Slave Lake,” said Hoey. “It’ll be part of our 20th season.”

Hoey went on to praise the fishing in the lake and the “remarkable people” of the area.

Hoey has a nice gig going with the Dimestore Fishermen, which is probably obvious enough by how long it’s lasted. How it works is he negotiates with municipalities or tourism organizations and gets shown around, taken fishing in somebody else’s boat and probably gets room and board thrown in. What the hosts get out of it is some coast-to-coast publicity via television, which is probably a good deal all around.

The filming for the show covers more than just fishing; Hoey was shown the air tanker base in Slave Lake, and also visited the Vanderwell sawmill at Mitsue Industrial Park. That was on the Tuesday; on Wednesday and Thursday he was due for some fishing with Chief Twinn.

The show with the Slave Lake bit in it will be part of the 2018 season, which Hoey says begins airing the first week of May next year.

You can catch The Dimestore Fishermen on NTV, Yes TV and Wild TV, among others. Hoey also recommends subscribing to DimestoreNation on YouTube.

The Dimestore crew

Jim Hoey of The Dimestore Fishermen dropped by The Leader on his visit to Slave Lake last week, with his entourage and mayor Tyler Warman, who was showing them around the community before a couple of days of fishing on Lesser Slave Lake. Left to right are James, Jackson, Jim and Tyler.

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