The debate rages

Meanwhile….. the debate rages as to whether the above sort of item is good news or bad news. Depending on your point of view, it will be one or the other, or even some of both. A reasonable person today, you would think, should be able to see that filling the skies with carbon and the oceans with acid and plastic junk is not a wise course. It has doomsday scenario written all over it. So…even though we benefit greatly in an economic sense from the oil industry hereabouts, and have a hard time imagining life without it…..eventually it will be replaced with something less harmful. And it goes without saying that even if you don’t agree it’s harmful, eventually it’s going to run out anyway. Oil companies accept this, even if a lot of folks on the ground are doing their best to deny or ignore it. It is not different in kind than the whale oil industry of a couple of centuries ago….. a lot of good jobs lost there, and people moved on and the whales weren’t quite extinguished.

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