Teachers Association needs to terminate dangerous experiment

To the Editor:

In the Lakeside Leader of March 27/19, I was surprised to see an article on a new union position attached to the Alberta Teachers Association local here in our school division, and presumably in other locals. These positions are Political Affairs Officers, so says your story.

Now if a person is a student of history, this story should be enough to send a mild chill up your spine.

In the past history of this world, political education officers have been used to enforce a certain political point of view upon members of a teachers union. The political officer tells local members what to think about issues of the day and how to behave politically around issues in public.

As a group, school teachers are important people, for they see our children and grandchildren often more that we do in our nanny state. The are the best educated group of people in our society.

Its a fact that every totalitarian government in history has put political officers in teachers’ unions to control what teachers do and think; whether the rulers are fascist or bolshevik didnt matter.

Why do teachers need to be guided by a political commissioner or kommizar? Or peoples’ representitive? Or officer of the proletariat?

The ATA needs to terminate this dangerous experiment.

Brian Pitcairn
Slave Lake, AB

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One thought on “Teachers Association needs to terminate dangerous experiment

  1. This is a curious new job. I am surprised, and saddened, that more people aren’t commenting on this. Are they already afraid of the new Revolutionary Guard, FSB, apparatchiks, or whatever you want to call them in our midst?


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