Talk of the town: birds leave – smoke and heat take over

Leader staff

The masses of gulls disappeared and smoke and heat took over as the talk of the town last week. They were making things quite uncomfortable for people in the region.

The province issued heat warnings and with smoke drifting in from fires in B.C. and hanging around, Alberta Health Services was advising people with respiratory conditions to be careful.

Whether the heavy smoke is still around this week remained to be seen at press time; but after a brief dip over the weekend (with rain a possibility), the forecast was for a return to sunny, hot weather this week. The weather in B.C. was forecast to remain hot, with a possibility of showers on some days. Depending on what the wind does, Alberta could still be smoky for a while longer.

The usual advice applies: if you are susceptible to breathing problems that smoke may worsen, stay indoors as much as possible, avoid heavy work and if you have problems, feel free to call for help. One option is the Health Link 24-hour line, toll-free at 811.

The sun over Slave Lake on a smoky day last week.

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