Students showcase talents at Smith School Leadership Day

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

On May 4, students, families and friends gathered at the Smith School to celebrate Leadership Day.

Principal of the Smith School Brenna Liddell explains that the Smith School is a Leader In me school. One of the things they do to promote that leadership is finding a way to celebrate the students.

Liddell says in past years the school had done things a little differently.

This year the school focused on what makes students unique; how each can be celebrated by connecting them to what makes them special with things that aren’t part of their everyday school life.

Liddell says in years past the school held student performances by class or as a whole school. In classrooms, students highlighted the seven habits or different things that connect to the Leader In Me.

This year the school changed it up a little more to focus on each individual student as opposed to groups of students.

“One of the things that is hard when you are in a small school is making sure you keep things fresh and relevant. She says we don’t want parents coming and saying, “oh that was exactly the same as last year.”

Liddell said they really want each year to capture something for guests that is a unique and meaningful use of their time.

A letter and a template went home in early April to help families think about what could be included in their kids project.

The bulk of the work was done outside of school by the students and their families.

The children then brought their projects back to school to celebrate them, Liddell says the kids were looking forward to seeing each others projects.

Grade 5 student Madison Brown showing off her horse tack.

Grade 2 student Mason Jolliffe showing a visitor his future hunting poster.

Grade 2 student Dallas Hebert writing a young visitors name on the welcome board.

Kindergarten student Jayden Timmons wearing her clip-on ‘Beanie Babie’ collection.

Students from Smith School singing ‘This Is Me’ during the school’s Leadership Day event.

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