Straight facts about drugs and drug abuse

To the Editor:

I have a book that was printed in 1983, reprinted by the Alberta Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Commission, an agency of the Alberta Government, published by the authority of the Minister of National Health and Welfare. The title of the book is “Straight Facts About Drugs and Drug Abuse”.

I write this letter with the hope that anyone who decides to start using marijuana now that it is legal or continues to for the same reason, will think about the following facts.

I believe there are many people who have no idea how dangerous it is and the short and long-term effects have not changed, making it legal can still cause death, not make it all okay.

The effects are 1) sensory perception is enhanced, 2) colours seem brighter, 3) sounds more distinct. You say okay, so what is the big deal … read on with the effects, first the short term 4) sense of time and space are distorted, 5) memory is markedly impaired, 6) physical effects include impaired coordination and balance, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth and throat, drowsiness, red eyes, motor skills.

Now the long term 8) loss of maturation, 9) respiratory system damaged, 10) loss of concentration, and 11) psychological dependence.

One of the sad facts is that when using marijuana, you may not even realize you are impaired! Did you know the tar in marijuana smoke contains higher amounts of cancer producing agents than tobacco smoke – in fact twice as much.

Be good to yourself: you only get this body once.

M.E. (Mikky) Locke
Slave Lake, AB

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