Stage North season opens with old friends – the Dungarees!

Four of the six Dungarees jamming during an instrumental section of a song. The band, from Edmonton, is made up of four core members, who are joined by different bass and steel guitar/mandolin players. It’s a band with a classic country flair. The band performed at the Legacy Centre on October 26 as the first of seven concerts in the Stage North 2019-2020 season. They played a 90 minute set of their own songs and covers of their favourite songs.
In the past, the Dungarees performed several times in Slave Lake.
Hack, from Westlock, opens for The Dungarees on Saturday, Oct. 26. Clockwise starting at the left, Matthew, on guitar, Curtis, on drums, and Koltan, on vocals and guitar. They sang four songs: at least two they’d written and one classic rock cover.
Stage North sold around 160 tickets, which they were happy with considering all of the other events happening that weekend. The next concert is ‘Ancient Carols for a Winter’s Night’ featuring Lizzy Hoyt, on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019.

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