Spilak and Foster win Michener Dragon’s Den

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

M.C. Clothing won Dragon’s Den Slave Lake on January 14 and 16. The owners Holden Spilak and Cohen Foster are Roland Michener Secondary School students. They started the business as part of Roland Michener’s new entrepreneur class.

“We’re trying to integrate new options that prepare students for the future,” says teacher Robyn Hollohan.

Spilak and Foster designed Slave Lake branded clothing with a bear on a bike.

There were a high number of bears spotted in Slave Lake in 2019, including one in a barbershop.

The duo also joined forces with an existing business in the community run by Gabriel Ball. They made an exclusive caramel cinnamon candle which they sold.

Fall 2019-2020 was the first year this class was offered. There were 36 kids in the class between the ages of 13 and 15.

This coming semester the class is being offered again.

Local business, banks and the Slave Lake and Region Chamber of Commerce helped out the class in various ways from judging the Dragon’s Den to teaching budgeting.

Bryer McRee and Gracie Letendre busy in the kitchen at Fix on Jan. 28 as part of the Roland Michener School entrepreneur class.
Teacher Robyn Hollohan, Guneet Singh and Brandy Gorr learn about food preparation at Fix, as part of the Michener entrepreneur class.

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