Something positive for a change

This just in from somewhere…. Something positive and hopefully non-contentious on the topic of restoration of caribou habitat. A pilot project of restoring seismic lines to forest has been completed, with the planting of 80,000 trees along 59 kilometres of cutline in the range of the A la Peche caribou herd. It doesn’t sound like much, but it at least is something.

Doing the work was Eric Auger & Sons of Wabasca. The project was paid for by the Government of Alberta.

So, rather than stifling industry and curtailing employment, this caribou habitat protection business can do just the opposite.

There’s obviously a lot more seismic line restoration work that can be done. And the taxpayer shouldn’t have to bear the entire burden. Some combination of industry and two levels of government should be able to get a certain amount of this done every year. It might go a long way to getting the feds off the case of the province, and the province off the case of industry and municipalities. Because the notion of shutting down huge areas of the province to forestry and oilfield work is making a lot of people nervous. The pertinent point here is that if habitat gets chopped up by industrial activity, it ought to be restored after that activity has moved on. That needs to be built into the business model.

This may be too simplistic a view, but at least the above example shows something can be done.

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