Somebody must know something

Human remains……. People want to know more about that story. ‘You should be on it!’ said one avid reader the other day when she stopped by the office.

We are on it – at least to the degree of regularly bugging the local RCMP for updates. But the local detachment seems to know nothing. No report (that we know of) has come forth from the serious crimes folks in Edmonton, who are presumably doing their forensic investigations.

The interest in the story is understandable. Whose remains are those? All we’ve heard from the authorities is it seems unlikely to be someone from the Slave Lake area, because nobody has gone missing recently enough.

So what does that mean? Somebody from somewhere else – (or, if the scuttlebutt is true, a part of them) brought to a well site northeast of Slave Lake and dumped there. Identification might be difficult or even impossible, if DNA samples are not on record.

Somebody knows something. But it might be just the perpetrator, who obviously isn’t talking. However, if somebody does have a story to tell, feel free.

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