Smith Hondo Fall Fair and Rodeo 2017

Chalk up another success for the folks at SHARA, for this year’s edition of the Smith/Hondo Fall Fair and Rodeo. It’s a huge effort for a small community of volunteers, but somehow they managed to pull it off.
“It was well-attended both days, and the grandstands were pretty full,” says SHARA President Devin Attfield.
The people who ran the Saturday morning pancake breakfast told The Leader they served over 450 plates of grub, which is certainly more than usual. Attfield doesn’t have exact numbers on attendance at the rodeo, but he figures 1,200 to 1,500 came through the gate Saturday, and 800 to 1,000 Sunday.
“That’s more than last year,” he says. “(We) hope to see everyone again on the next Labour Day weekend in 2018.”

Pancakes, parade and preserves about sums up the photos on this page.


Wild pony riding – two to hold the critter and one to jump on and attempt to ride it. Good entertainment value for the money!

SHARA president Devin Arttfield (in red shirt) takes a break from organizing to go for a spin in the mini-chuckwagons event.

Sheep riding, AKA mutton busting, doesn’t always turn out the way you expect.

Trevor Mayston takes the cookie cutter approach in the chain saw competition.


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