Slave Lake Chamber of Commerce seeks funding!

Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

Oct. 16, 2018 meeting

Callie Hermason
Lakeside Leader

Council congratulated and welcomed Brandon Clarke and Mathew Piper to the town team as the two take on positions as the new equipment operators with the town’s Operation Department.

Chamber needs funds

Slave Lake Chamber of Commerce President, Frankie Giroux along with board members spoke to members of the council about their upcoming event and to put in a request for some funding.
The Chamber has made a ton of changes over the past couple of year. Giroux says they are working establishing a formal process to welcome new businesses, develop new membership and a business welcome package, established a committee to develop introductory videos for businesses in the region, and to highlight new and existing businesses.
Giroux says the chamber would like to highlight benefits of membership to new and existing businesses with Spring and Fall Mixers and continue to build membership within the region.
“We have increased attendance at regular Chamber meetings, and quorum has been met at our executive meeting with 18 new Chamber members so far for 2018.
Chamber wants to offer engaging meetings with networking opportunities for business attendees
Giroux says she would also like to allocate time for members to promote their business, fundraisers, and distribute information and have Chamber Board members to be available after the meeting to hear concerns from businesses.
She says Chamber would like to promote and support regional businesses through partnership and work with organizations and groups such as Riverboat Daze, Downtown Fridays and Farmer’s Market through Strategic Plan Presentations to Town Council and the MD. They would like to also advocate on behalf of local businesses within the community to all levels of government, providing information to assist members in understanding new and existing policies related to business, develop an advocacy committee to review policies affecting businesses, promote local resources available to assist businesses, develop contacts and lists of experts to assist with Chamber projects.
The Chamber funding request is $20,000 for events such as Riverboat Daze Weekend $10,000, Trade Show $6,000, Farmer’s Market $2,000, Small Business Week, Live Local Program, other events $2,000.
Giroux says they also need additional resources to better serve the community.
“we have grown our membership and cut costs simultaneously to assist with our operating needs; however, we require funding for events,” says Giroux adding Riverboat Daze continued success requires substantial funds and man power to create a safe and successful event.

Strike ends

Rod Feland AUPE Vice President along with local members Living Waters Catholic Schools attended the meeting to report the strike is over and workers were going back to work.
Feland says he wanted to thank council and the community for their support along with supplies, food and letters.

Action Plan Update

Laurie Skrynyk director of planning and development present an update on the 2018 Action Plan and to select 2019 priorities for the Action Plan for the Downtown and Main Street Area Plan.
Council asked for an update on the Action Plan that had been a part of the newly adopted Downtown and Main Street Area Plan. The Plan included a list of items that required changes. The report was to bring info on items that have been started and ask for direction from council on what they see as the next moves being for administration.

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